Self-Love Level Up is your intentional space to do the real inner work that leads to a more focused, motivated, creative, & exciting life. No matter how lofty your goals are, we need to get your head right first!

Join Amy as she shares transformative motivation & guided exercises that will elevate your mindset to attract the life you want!


2X Bestselling Author & Award-Winning Creator Amy Landino is here to help you get the self-love you need to level up your life!

  • Release the stories that keep you from being your fully-expressed self 
  • Become a boss at setting boundaries that serve your highest self
  • Embrace being a powerful decision-maker with clear priorities
  • Break through the mental blocks keeping you from success
  • Unlock abundant possibilities and attract the life you want



Change Your Mind

We've been rehearsing stories that make sense of our circumstances for years. We learned how to do it from the people around us and now we wish those stories weren't true. Self-Love Level Up is all about addressing those stories head on and coming to terms with what the truth actually is: you are capable of doing anything you want and you're already worthy of it. This course will help you change your mind, create the success you desire, and give you your power back.

Attract Better Results

When you look around, do you see the things you hoped you would for your life? If you're disappointed that you're not at the level you wish for, there's a very good reason for it: you've not surrounded yourself with the reminders you need to consistently show up for yourself. You are not a failure. You're just out of practice. You have manifested better for yourself before but because it isn't all the time, you call it luck. We don't have to be lucky to get what we want. We have to know it's always coming to us.

Take Back Your Power

Do you think there are things out of your control that are keeping you where you are? You might be right. Are you sure about what they are? Not everything needs to be the way it is right now. If you want to make a change, you must be honest about what's outside of your control and what's not. We're going to assess the things that are consuming your mind that are out of your control so we can let them go. (And in turn, give you the energy to take on the challenging decisions that will actually change your life!)

Meet Amy

Amy Landino is the bestselling author of Good Morning, Good Life and award-winning host of the massively popular YouTube series AmyTV. As Director of GATLUW (pronounced “GAT-loo”) House, Amy inspires ambitious professionals around the world to chase their full-time freedom and go after the life they want.

In this brand new course, Amy breaks the rules of business and paves the way for the life you want—starting with the inner work that will change the way you approach success forever. From working a dead-end job to not having enough money to pay for groceries, Amy is no stranger to going through tough seasons in life. She's now the owner of multiple seven-figure businesses and has been the boss of her own life for more than a decade.


What You Can Expect in This Course...


Module 1: Release The Past
Release the stories & limiting beliefs that keep you from being your fully-expressed self (1 hr)
Module 2: Building Better Boundaries
Get empowered to set verbal & energetic boundaries that serve BOTH your highest self and those around you (1 hr)
Module 3: Dive Into Decisions
Take the fear out of deciding with Amy's Decision-Making Quadrant & reclaim your power with priorities that speak to you (50 min)



Module 4: Turning Negative Thoughts Into Abundant Possibilities
Combat imposter syndrome and negative thought patterns to start thinking positively (and actually believing it!) (50 min)


Module 5: Attract The Life You Want
Get energized and focused on your vision by being in touch with your higher self, the person who will elevate you to your ideal life! (50 min)


Journal Prompts and Workbook Assignments
Propel your inner work beyond each module with prompts and thematic affirmations you can revisit over and over!



"Self-Love Level Up has given me the tools to help me truly move my business forward. Her other courses are fantastic and are highly recommended, but I feel like I can now fully implement those principles taught now that I am better able to manage my mindset and self-confidence. You can study the logistical aspects of how to run and build a business all day long, but if you don't have the confidence in yourself to act on any of it, you're never going to get anywhere. I feel like I can really get to the next level now."


- Julie

Social Media Manager & Business Owner

"Thank you. I got to the boundaries lesson which checked my shit and broke the dam to make sure I prioritized this help I knew I needed to ask for. I had so much on my plate and ended up taking a PTO day from work to finish this and tackle everything else, ultimately giving myself the sense of peace while thriving that I'd been asking for."



- Nora

Research Manager


Make a change for the better today!

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When you join the inaugural class, it includes:

  • 5+ HOURS of actionable advice from Amy to level up every aspect of your life
  • Journal prompts & affirmations that transform your mindset from the inside out
  • Unlimited access to all video replays—because your level up is just beginning


*For inaugural class members ONLY!

  • Personalized video feedback from Amy (on ANY topic you'd like support with!)

  • Exclusive live Q&A for inaugural members to reconnect & unpack their journey thus far

  • Members-only Discord community to surround yourself with ongoing support & motivation


Take Your Time

The information shared in this class is meant to change your life in a significant way. We want you to be totally open to all the ways that it can open up new opportunities for you and change your mindset. To help make this more accessible for those who are open, we have created a payment plan option that may better serve you at this time. 



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