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The Masterclass is a 4-week program for ambitious creatives who want to go after the life they want and leverage video blogging to make it happen. Instruction led by Amy Landino, author of Vlog Like a Boss.



Getting your vlog up-and-running takes more than just choosing the right camera. Follow these success tips for a video brand that stands out:

On-Camera Talent

Discover how to present yourself to the viewer for an authentic experience!

Strategy Creation

Follow the step-by-step strategy creation process for a more effective brand!

Video Gear

Choose the best camera gear based on your preference and budget!

Editorial Design

Don't miss an episode of your own show! Design your upload calendar!

Video Editing

Discover Amy's jump cut video editing style with this tutorial in Final Cut Pro!

How to Film

Deliver a better video every time with Amy's Vlog Boss Checklist!

YouTube Optimization

Get discovered more with these YouTube search optimization tactics!

Monetizing Video

Leverage video to grow your income as early as you start vlogging!


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The Masterclass will show you:

  • How to develop the confidence you need on camera to get started today
  • The checklist for filming a great video every single time, no matter how much or how little experience you have
  • The opportunities and features that YouTube and vlogging have to offer so you can increase your income, build your brand and go after the life you want!

"I'm so happy to call Amy an internet friend, and now you can too! :) Amy is charming, witty, smart, and fun while she drops all the vlog knowledge you need in one place. She's the best #VlogBoss ever!"

Justine "iJustine" Ezarik

"Mastering the art of the "jab" through vlogging means learning from Amy Landino. I don't consume a lot of video, but Amy knows how to crush it to get attention. She got mine. Take notes."

Gary Vaynerchuk

"Amy has challenged me as a video creator to push myself and constantly evolve my content. As a result in less than 6 months I grew my email list from 300 to over 3000 subscribers!"

Roberto Blake

"Amy Landino is the most authoritative voice in the how-to vlogging space. She is by far one of my favorite thought leaders and educational resources for all things digital and video. Her mentorship has contributed to my growth and success as a social media marketer and video producer."

Tyler Culbertson
Social Media Lead for Anthony Robbins

"Learning from Amy was a game-changer for my business because not only has she taught the technical details and strategy for improving my YouTube channel and videos, she leads by example in her own videos and channel. Amy’s insight gave me the confidence I needed to start creating videos in my business in an authentic (and fun) way."

Meredith Marsh

A Note from Amy

What's up, Social?! It's finally here! The step-by-step vlogging success class I've always dreamed of creating!

When I first started vlogging in 2007, I was scouring the Internet for any resources I could find to increase my confidence and learn the ropes in the video space. I would watch HOURS of YouTube videos just so I could maybe catch a glimpse of someone's camera in a mirror!

No need for that anymore! This is the program I wish I would have had back then. I've always wanted to put every step I know about the vlogging process into one class and this is IT! It's literally all you need.

If you're looking for a get famous or rich quick strategy, please get outta here. This masterclass has been designed for the fabulous people who know in their hearts that they have the ability to make a move and do amazing work. And there is absolutely work involved.

To those of you who choose to go after the life you want make it happen yourself, I hope you enjoy Vlog Like a Boss: The Masterclass!


Who is this class for?

Whether vlogging helps you start your own business, markets your side hustle or helps you get your dream job, The Masterclass will help you:

  • Lean into your strengths
  • Clarify your goals
  • Engage a targeted community
  • Develop your on-camera talent
  • ...and SO much more!

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12 Video Training Modules

Throughout your 4-week course, get access to 12 instructional videos on how to leverage video to increase brand awareness, income and opportunities for the life you want!

Exclusive Member Forum

Have questions specific to your vlogging journey that you want to ask Amy or the rest of the Vlog Boss University crew? Gain access to the member forum for special assistance and masterminding!

Amy's Vlog Boss Checklist & Other Bonus Worksheets!

If you keep everything in your head, you won't get anywhere! Keep your ideas and strategies handy with bonuses of the Masterclass, including Amy's Vlog Boss Checklist!


Here's what you can expect to dive into throughout your masterclass:

Section 1: A Confident Strategy

The first vital step is breaking down your master plan. Who do you vlog for and what do they want you to talk about? During this week we will design:

  • The value that you will share in your videos
  • Your perfect viewer
  • How to measure success with your videos
  • The secret to having a great video every. single. time!

Consistency is key so we gotta get planning now on what you're going to share with your audience. That means we need to:

  • Prepare a consistent video schedule that keeps you accountable and makes people want to subscribe
  • Design a plan to help you get the video done on time, every time
  • Brainstorm a bank of video ideas so that there is always something fresh to vlog


Before we can move on, we also need to break down the walls that are keeping you from being truly authentic. How do you overcome the fears that are holding you back? We will master:

  • The art of being confident when you feel unsure 
  • How to move forward when the world seems too loud and oversaturated
  • Becoming an excellent on-camera talent (even if you weren't born for it!)


Week 2: Camera Ready

Pre-production may sound like a pesky word, but it's a big factor in setting your vlogs up for success. To get started here we need to prepare a professional YouTube channel, even before your videos are published.

Gear! Gear! Gear! What stuff do you really need? Can you use what you have or do you need to pick up a couple things? We will go over options for:

  • Cameras (both Smartphone-level and professional)
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • All budgets do apply!


And.... don't forget to do your research! We will start the process of finding a great title for your upcoming video that keeps your content focused and discoverable.


Week 3: Get Your Vlog On

It's time to film! But "now what do I do?" In this section, we will walk through the process of:

  • What to do once you hit record
  • Keeping track of every step you need to take while filming using Amy's Vlog Boss Checklist
  • Using Amy's Authority Video Formula to help you make the best video every time, no matter your on-camera experience
  • Presenting yourself professionally on camera, whether it's just you or you have a guest with you as well

Next, we will review Amy's jumpcutting strategy for efficient and eye-catching vlogs with her tutorial on how to edit using Final Cut Pro. Don't worry, if you don't want to buy professional-grade editing software, you can still use the tricks in this tutorial within most other editing options out there.

When it comes time to upload the video to YouTube, the words you type about the video are just as important as the video itself! We will review:

  • Best practices for your Title, Description and Tags
  • Leveraging YouTube features like Cards, Playlists and End Screens to grow viewership and subscribers
  • Creating a professional YouTube channel that makes people immediately want to click "Subscribe" even if you don't have much content.

Week 4: Vlog Boss Status

The videos are rolling and now we need to leverage that presence to spread the word about your great work! Building and facilitating a community is a big piece of that. It's time to master:

  • The power of YouTube comments
  • Social media and how to use it well as a relationship-building and marketing tool
  • Collaboration tactics with other creators to build your following organically

How about we make some income with these videos too? When you've figured out your true "why" with video, options become available to you FAST. We will talk about how to:

  • Start creating revenue opportunities with affiliate marketing
  • How to approach a sponsor for your videos confidently, even at the beginning
  • Selling products and merchandise
  • Understanding the YouTube partner program and making money with AdSense

Ready to go beyond the vlog? In this last section, we will talk about the oyster that is your World! Share your story through:

  • Paid speaking opportunities
  • Writing a book
  • Getting the job you've always wanted
  • Becoming a KNOWN brand for your expertise 


Because of the digital nature of this product, refunds are not offered.


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